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Mike Rogers, CNN Commentator, Former U.S. Congress
Dick Chrysler, Former Member of U.S. Congress
Chuck Norris, Actor
Thyme Lewis, Don Wilson, Actors
Debbie Stabenow, U.S. Senator
Dr. Un Yong Kim, Former World TKD Federation President
Virgina Hey, Actress in 007 (James Bond)
T.J. Storm, Actor in Martial Law
Alma Curry, Actress in Terminator 3, Bold & the Beautiful
Eric Reys, Actor in Surf Ninja
Simon Rhee, Lethal Weapon 4 and "Best of the Best"
John Engler, Former Governor, State of Michigan
Samo Hong, Actor in Martial Law
Shin Koyamada, Actor in Last Samurai
Kuame Kilpatrick, Former Mayor of Detroit
Olympic Team Taekwondo Coaches (Mexico, Korea)
Group Shot with Chuck Norris
Peter Nielsen TV & Radio Show Personality, Peter's Principles
Actors Thyme Lewis, Ebonie Smith (Lethal Weapon), Ernie Reyes Jr
Actor Peter Malota (Double Impact)
Ernie Reyes Jr (Indiana Jones, Rush Hour)
Actor Steven Segal
Congressman Dick Chrysler
Governor John Engler
Governor John Engler Breaking Boards
"Father of American Tae Kwon Do", Jhoon Rhee (3rd from left)
Korean Actor/Singer Dong Jun Lee (produced Steven Segal movie)
Actor Gill Hill
State Senator Valde Garcia
Congressman Dick Chrysler
Commendation Recognizing Special Services
Former Sheriff Don Holman
Brighton Mayor James Winchel (Kate Lawrence, County Commission)
Actor Dragon Don Wilson
Actor Eric Lee
Actor Eric Kim and Thyme Lewis (Days of Our Lives)
Actors Ebonie Smith (Lethal Weapon), Ernie Reyes Jr
Stunt Actor Cynthia Rothrock
Actor Cary Tagawa